Lidyacan Dialysis Centre

The clinic, which was established in 2004 as ÇESAV Dialysis Center, and joined the CAN Dialysis Services Group in 2006. It has been renamed Lidyacan Dialysis Center.

Serving the east of Manisa, our clinic is one of the leading centers in the Aegean region with a capacity of 30+1 devices.

Technical Infrastructure

Water System of our Centers: One of the most important factors in ensuring dialysis adequacy and reliability; Reverse Osmosis devices produce and consume quality pure deionized water. The water system of all our centers consists of Fresenius brand devices that have registered their quality in the world. The pure water produced in Fresenius quality is controlled by bacteriological and chemical analyses performed in public hygiene at certain periodic times and transmitted by us to the official institutions which provides European Pharmacopedics Again, periodic technical maintenance of our water system is carried out by Fresenius. Our water systems are reverse osmosis activated carbon filter softener pre-filters consist of bacteria-killing ultraviolet lamp and endotoxin filter.

Hemodialysis Devices

Hemodialysis Devices: Fresenius 4008 B and 4008 S devices are used in our centers. These devices are manufactured with the latest technology and have computer hardware that constantly controls itself. We also have the chance to treat each patient with different programs with our devices. In our 4008 S devices, we have the opportunity to scan the profile changes that are applied during treatment and which are observed in the patient from the screen. All of our hemodialysis devices have a powder bicarbonate apparatus called Bibag. Again, our hemodialysis devices are checked by Fresenius Technical Team at least once a month and calibration settings are made with computer support.

Materials used in our Centers

Materials used in our centers are Fresenius brand dialyzators and materials. In addition to making our guests feel at home during their treatment, the latest technology dialyzators Fx Class – Hollow Fiber membrane structure flow port and coating design bringing treatment time to within four hours exactly; performance provides hemodynamic and safe use advantages. Bibag ® minimizes the risk of contamination, prevents microbiological reproduction and provides safe dialysis treatment to achieve the best treatment criteria.

Medical Devices

In our centers, we also use an electrocardiography device with a portable monitor for use when needed, and fully equipped emergency response kit including defibrillators, ambu and airway, mobile oxygen support capable of more than one patient at times of need, at least two aspirators, patient precision weighing system devices and one for infected patients, are available

Comfort Infrastructure of our Centers

1. Dialysis Chairs: During dialysis, our patients sit as at home without feeling sick and have comfortable seats where they can adjust them in all kinds of positions. Seat covers are washed after each session and only clean ones are used.

2. Dialysis Beds: Some of our patients are having dialysis sessions in beds that are given all kinds of positions due to postural necessity or upon request.

3. Dialysis Session saloons: Our halls are painted and decorated with sedating colours that are heated and cooled by air conditioners with large ventilated active bio pollen filters that meet legal requirements. In our dialysis session halls, lighting nurse desks televisions are prepared and deployed for the comfort of our patients during the session.

4. Service from Home: Each of our centers has a fleet of service vehicles and we take our patients to our centers from their homes individually at the specified time on the days of the session and while keeping the safety of the journey in the forefront. In the same way, after the session, our patients are transported home.

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